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Brooke Schulte
Buyer Specialist

Brooke was born and raised in the good ‘ol Show-Me-State, Missouri.  She moved several times throughout the state of Missouri and also lived in Pennsylvania, but eventually found herself in Alabama in 2005. She has a background in banking, but decided a change to real estate would be a better fit.  Brooke has been successful in real estate since 2012.  She realized she could empathize and sympathize with what it is like to move and wanted the ability to assist families in finding Alabama as their new home.  Moving for her was always an adventure and she wants to make sure her clients have a very easy transition as well as a positive experience. Brooke has one handsome son, Noah. In her spare time she will hang out with him, spend time with her friends, visit her family, explore music, go to movies, and travel. 

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